Malatya Airport

Aksaray, D.H.M.İ. Malatya Havaalanı, 44600 Merkez/Akçadağ/Malatya
(0422 266 00 46)
Malatya Airport

If you are planning a trip to Malatya, then you will need to fly into Malatya Airport. You can go to the airport in Malatya in approximately 34 kilometers by car. In the city center, there are a few hotels and many restaurants.

Statue: civil airport – IATA: MLX – ICAO Code: LTAT

The Malatya airport has many amenities. There are 24-hour cafes, lockers, and mobile charging points, and you can even get a map that will show you the best ways to travel through the city. The guide will also provide you with a list of hotels nearby.

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The Address of Malatya Airport

Aksaray, D.H.M.İ. Malatya Havaalanı, 44600 Merkez/Akçadağ/Malatya
Phone of the airport: (0422) 266 00 46

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