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Dudullu Bus Station


We welcome you at Dudullu Bus Station (Big Istanbul Bus Station) and transfer you to your hotel, home, Istanbul airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport with our luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz Vito, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter. Dullu Bus Station is the biggest bus station of Turkey.

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Dudullu Bus Station VIP Taxi and Transfer

Dudullu is a neighbourhood where belong to Umraniye in Istanbul. There is a intercity bus station in Dudullu. Many bus agencies and companies use this bus station. When you use this station and go there, you need a transfer. You can find a taxi everytime to anywhere in Istanbul. There are some transportation from this bus station. Let’s talk about these. First of all let’s list them, then talk about them.

  1. Yellow taxi,
  2. Black taxi,
  3. Blue / turquoise taxi,
  4. VIP taxi (Bus Station VIP Taxi or VIP Transfer)
  5. Public bus,
  6. Shuttle service,
  7. Rent a car for daily,
  8. Rent a car for hourly,
  9. Express Drive etc.

Taxis in Dudullu Bus Station

There are 3 types taxi in Dudullu Bus Station; yellow taxi, blue taxi and black taxi which also calls VIP taxi.

Yellow Taxi

The colour of the taxi is yellow or orange. There is a taxi station in the Dudullu bus station. When you arrive there, you use these taxis. But these taxis are not choosing to transfer to European side or the long way. If you request, they can, want to take extra money from you.

Blue / Torquoise Taxi

These taxis are also like yellow taxi. Only the tariffs of them differ.

Black Taxi or VIP Taxi

The colour of the taxi is black. The vehicles are luxurious, comfortable. You cannot find a black taxi so easy when you arrive at the bus station. You have to make a booking before you travel or arrive at the bus station. Many VIP transfer agency provides to you this taxis. The vehicle can be Mercedes-Benz C200 or other, also Mercede-Benz Vito. If you are a group, the agency provides you also a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter etc. 

Public Bus in Dudullu Bus Station

You can find many public bus lines here. They transfer you to your location. But you have to know, which bus line moves to where. For example, 19S bus line moves to Yenidogan / Sarigazi / Kadikoy. 

Shuttle Service

Before some years all intercity bus agencies have a shuttle service. They were providing also free. But now, there is shuttle service due to traffic in Istanbul. So, you cannot find a shuttle service in Dudullu station. 

Rent a Cars

There are 3 types renting a car in Dudullu.

  1. Daily,
  2. Hourly.
  3. With driver

Daily Renting a Car from Dudullu

Firstly, we should say that you have to make a booking before you travel and also you need provide a credit card. If you have driver license you can take a car from Dudullu rent a car office. In internet you can check and book it. But also you have to give the vehicle to Dudullu rent a car office back

Hourly Renting a Car

You have to use an application for this rental car. If you have this app and the system accepts you, you can use this car. You can take the car from Dudullu and move to anywhere in Istanbul. Then you can leave the vehicle there and finish your renting. But you cannot find a vehicle generally there. There is no gurantee to find a vehicle.

Renting Car With Driver

This is also a comfortable luxury rent a car with driver. You have to make a booking before you travel. The driver welcomes you in Dudullu bus station and transfer you where you want. We provide this service too. You can make a booking and start your rent a car with driver from Dudullu or to Dudullu.

If you need a transfer from this bus station or to this bus station, you can contact us 7/24 per WhatsApp or phone.

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