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Istanbul Airport (IST) to Adalar


From Istanbul Airport to Adalar we provide you a VIP luxury airport transfer. We welcome, help you for your luggage and transfer. We cannot transfer you directly Adalar. Because the vehicle cannot move there. We can transfer you to Ship port of Kartal or Pendik.

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The Questions About Istanbul Airport to Adalar Best VIP Transfer with Luxury Cars

Where is Istanbul airport and Adalar?

Istanbul airport is north eastern side of Istanbul. It closes the Black Sea. Adalar is an area which has 9 islands in the Marmara Sea. The nearest locations are Kartal, Maltepe and Pendik in Istanbul. It is 30 km away to nearest mainland part.

How much km Adalar from Istanbul new airport?

The km is approximately 70 from Istanbul airport.

How can I go to Adalar from Istanbul Airport?

  • Taxi,
  • Rent a Car,
  • Rent a Car with Driver,
  • VIP Transfer,
  • Private Shuttle,

Please note that, there is no way to Adalar. So, you have to go only nearest mainland location which has a ferry port to Adalar. The nearest locations are Maltepe, Kartal and Pendik in Anatolian Side of Istanbul. The other nearest ferry port locations are Eminonu, Kabatas, Besiktas and Yenikapi in European Side of Istanbul.

Not: There is no public bus from Istanbul airport to anywhere yet.

Which transfer options are very cheapest from Istanbul airport to Adalar?

The VIP airport transfer and rent a car with driver is cheapest from Istanbul airport. It is comfortable and also cheapest then other options like taxi or rent a car.

All options are until the nearest location like Kartal or Maltepe. Then you have to use Ferry.

Which VIP transfer companies can transfer to Adalar directly?

We can transfer you from Istanbul airport to nearest location like Kartal or Maltepe. Because there is no way to Adalar and it is forbidden to drive a car in Adalar. So, there is no VIP transfer company in Istanbul that you transfer you directly to Adalar.

What is the fastest way to get from Istanbul Airport (IST)?

You should await more time with HAVAIST from Istanbul airport. But you can transfer faster then with Taxi or VIP transfer. Many taxis does not accept that you transfer to Kartal or Maltepe where is nearest ferry port location. Because of this the best and cheapest transfer option is VIP Luxury Rent a Car with Driver or directly VIP Airport Transfer.

How far is it from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Adalar?

70 Km.

How do I travel from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Adalar without a car?

  • You can use HAVAIST or Taxi to Kartal. Then you should use a ferry.
  • Firstly you can use a taxi or VIP transfer to Besiktas. Then you can go to Adalar with ferry from Besiktas.
  • You can use a taxi from Istanbul airport to nearest Metro station. Then you should go to Uskudar with metro. After that you will transfer to Marmaray and get out in Kartal Station. In there you should use a ferry to the islands.

How long does it take to get from Istanbul Airport (IST)?

About 3 hours. But also note that, there can be more traffic on this way. So, the time can be more.

Can I drive from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Adalar?

No, You can not move to Adalar directly with a car. Because there is no way to islands with the cars and also it is forbidden to use a car in the Islands.

The More Information About Istanbul Adalar

Istanbul Adalar
Istanbul Adalar

We call “Adalar“. But the Greeces call “Πριγκηπονήσια Pringiponisia“. The some people call it as “Kızıl Adalar (Red Islands), Istanbul Islands, Prens Adaları (Prince Islands)” etc. Shortly, these islands an archipelago.

How Many Islands are there?

There are 9 islands.

  • Buyukada,
  • Heybeliada,
  • Burgazada,
  • Kinaliada,
  • Sedefada,
  • Sivriada,
  • Yassiada,
  • Kasikada,
  • Tavsan islands

Old name of “Adalar” is “Prinkipo“. It means “Prince” in Romaic/Greece.

What Can We Do In Adalar?

There are many options to do in these islands. You can visit many places, go there for holiday etc.

Daily Islands Tour and Places to Visit

  • Aya Yorgi Church
  • Greek Orphanage, 
  • Resat Nuri Guntekin’s Home,
  • Muslim Cemetery, 
  • Virgin Mary Church,
  • Museum etc.

Best VIP Transfer Process

Fill, book, pay and confirm…

  1. You should fill the booking form. You have to share with us your flight no, the pick up date from Istanbul airport, the names of all passengers etc.
  2. Click “Book Now” button. You can see the cost of the VIP transfer from Istanbul airport.
  3. You can pay the cost of the VIP transfer as cash or by credit cards. Also, it is possible to pay the cost of transfer on delivery time.
  4. After transfer booking, you will receive a mail from us. It means that we receive your transfer booking request. You should receive a confirmation mail from us. It means that, your transfer has been confirmed by us. We will wait you in Istanbul airport at the time when you selected.
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