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Istanbul Airport (IST) to Gaziosmanpasa


From Istanbul Airport to Gaziosmanpasa we provide you a VIP luxury transfer and Rent a car with driver. We can transfer you to Gaziosmanpasa from Istanbul new airport.

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Gaziosmanpasa – Istanbul New Airport VIP Transfer

Gaziosmanpasa – Istanbul New Airport VIP Transfer lines are developed. You can find many transfer options in Gaziosmanpasha.

Where is Gaziosmanpasa?

This town is located in European side of Istanbul.

What kind of VIP Transfer options are possible in Gaziosmanpasa town? 

If you want to go to Istanbul new airport, there are several VIP transfer options.

  1. Rent a car with driver,
  2. VIP Shuttle Services,
  3. Limo – Luxury Vito Airport Transfer,
  4. VIP Airport Transfer etc.

What is the other luxury and safe transfer options? 

There is no only VIP transfer companies. You can choose also other private transfer options.

  1. Luxury Black Taxi,
  2. Airport Public Shuttle,
  3. SUV Rent a Car,
  4. Special VIP Transfer,
  5. Self Car with Partner (A person who will go to airport from Gaziosmanpasa, can accept you to go to airport ice other).


Gaziosmanpasa’s neighborhoods are “Fevzi Cakmak, Hurriyet, Karadeniz, Karlitepe, Pazarcik, Sarigol, Semsipasha, Yenidogan, Yildiztabya” etc.

Transportation in Gaziosmanpasha

There are many IETT public buses. Where you want, you can go there with this buses.

  • 36KE: Eminonu and Karadeniz Neighborhoods,
  • 37E: Eyupsultan – Circir Metro Station,
  • 38E: Gaziosmanpasha Hospital – Eminonu etc.

Train Lines:

  • M7: Kabatas – Mahmutbey,
  • T4: Topkapi – Mescid-i Selam.

VIP Transfer With Us (Best VIP Transfer Turkey) in Gaziosmanpasha

We provide you airport VIP transfer in this town. If you fill the form on top of the page,  we can start your special transfer.

What kind of transfer alternative we have?

  • Airport via transfer – limo,
  • Rent a car with driver,
  • Special private transfer,
  • Limo Shuttle transfer etc.


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Istanbul Airport (IST) to Gaziosmanpasa
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