Refund and Return Policy

This page is for refund and return policy of our transfer and tours services.

When you make a transfer or tour reservation. You can cancel them and request your money back.

  1. You can cancel your transfers and tours minimum 48 hours ago. At that time we can refund. But we cannot refund 2 or 3 hours ego.
  2. You can cancel any of your transfer journeys or your entire booking online by accessing the ”My Booking” for Transfer and “My Booking” for tours panel on our website. Transfer service cancellations received with more than 48 hours notice are refunded in full. No refund is paid for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the transfer time. If you are not entitled to a refund, you will always receive an email with a cancellation note attached which you may be able to use to claim the expenses back from your tour operator, airline, or travel insurance provider.

You can contact us for other questions.

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