Kars Harakani Aırport

Yenişehir, 36000 Merkez/Kars
(0474 213 56 67)
Kars Airport Transfer

Statue: civil airport – IATA: KSY – ICAO Code: LTCF

If you are planning a trip to Kars, you may want to consider hiring a VIP transfer service. This VIP service will take care of your travel needs by picking you up from the airport and taking you directly to your destination. There are many companies that offer VIP transfers to and from Kars Harakani Airport, but the Best VIP Transfer Company will be the best choice for you.

If you are arriving at the Kars Harakani Airport, you can hire a VIP transfer to the city center. Our services are very cheap and the prices are reasonable. There are also several our vehicles that run from the airport to the city center. If you are traveling to Kars for business or pleasure, you should make an appointment with our VIP transfer company at the airport as early as possible to make sure you get to your hotel on time.

You can visit by VIP transfer. You can choose to use a rental VIP car or luxury vehicle.

Kart Harakani Airport

The airport has two restaurants, a cafe, two buffets at the airport, and a medical team of three members is available for emergencies. You can use the local ATMs to get your cash.

Local shops can visit them and experience their culture and traditions. You can be sure that you will have the time of your life in this wonderful place. With the help of the Best VIP Transfer Company, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the area. A private driver will take you to your hotel in Kars.

It is advisable to have some local currency before leaving for the airport. You can exchange money at the Global Exchange kiosks before arriving in the city. Just make sure to bring the right amount of cash with you. In Kars, there is only one airport. It is connected to the rest of Turkey via an air-conditioned train.


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