Erzurum Airport (ERZ)

Çiftlik, Erzurum Havaalanı Yolu, 25050 Yakutiye/Erzurum
(0442 327 28 37)
Erzurum Airport Transfer

Statue: civil airport – IATA: ERZ – ICAO Code: LTCE

Whether you are coming to town to spend the day or you are traveling for business, you will want to make sure that you have got a smooth ride to the Erzurum Airport. Using a private transfer will guarantee that you will not have to worry about crowded taxis, or navigating the unfamiliar terrain of Erzurum is streets. These private transfers also include courteous drivers and professional staff who will greet you at the door. The best part is that they operate 24 hours a day.

Erzurum and Airport

Erzurum is known as the “Land of the Brave People” due to its ancient walls and gates on every corner. With the Palandoken Winter Sports Center, the city has gained worldwide attention. It is one of the top ski destinations in Turkey. The city is home to some of the longest ski tracks in the world, and different levels of difficulty make it a popular destination for all kinds of people. You will also want to visit the Three Domes Madrasa, which is the oldest building in the city.

To make the most of your time in Erzurum, you will need to know where to go. The first step is to call the VIP Istanbul Tourism. For your convenience, you can use online reservation to request a private transfer to the Erzurum Airport.

Once you have selected a vehicle, you can book your trip online or use an app to find a driver. You can get an Erzurum VIP Istanbul Tourism shuttle service on your way to the city. And when you are ready to travel, consider rental a car. These services faster and more convenient than the public transportation. Rental car is the fastest and most convenient option and you can use it for getting around the city. This way, you will arrive at the airport at the exact time that you want. A car rental at the Erzurum airport can save you time in the city.

  • Phone Number: (0442) 327 28 37
  • Website
  • Address: Çiftlik, Erzurum Havaalanı Yolu, 25050 Yakutiye/Erzurum
  • GPS: 39.96124264439799, 41.178549596793395 | Map
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