Usak Airport

Kılcan Mücavir Mah. Gazi Bulvarı, Havaalanı Sitesi No:205-A, Gazi Blv., Uşak Merkez/Uşak
(0276 253 38 54)
Usak Airport

Usak Airport is located far away to the city center of Uşak. This airport is starting to service in 1998. We can find many alternatives to transfer. For examples;

  • Public airport bus,
  • Airport yellow taxi,
  • VIP airport black taxi,
  • Airport vip transfer,
  • Shuttle service,
  • Rent a car etc.

Statue: civil / military airport – IATA: USQ – ICAO Code: LTBO

Usak Airport is belong to Turkey State Airports Authority (Türkiye Devlet Hava Meydanları İşletmesi).

Does USAK Airport work?

Yes, this airport is closed before 2006. But in 2006, the airport is starting to work again. Now, you can use Usak airport.

When Usak Airport Will Open?

It is opened in 2006 and started Istanbul – Usak flights again in 2021.

Note: Don’t forget! There is no flight everyday and every time in Usak airport. So, you have to check before your flights.

About Uşak and Travel

Usak is located west of Turkey. When you visit this city, you can taste these foods in Usak;

  1. Tarhana Soup,
  2. Et Basma,
  3. Alacatene etc.

We prefer you to visit some popular places in Usak. For example;

  1. Ataturk Museum,
  2. Atapark,
  3. Usak City History Museum etc.

Which cities is Uşak close to?

  1. Kutahya,
  2. Manisa,
  3. Denizli,
  4. Afyonkarahisar… These citires is near to Uşak.

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