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Istanbul Airport (IST) to Atasehir


From Istanbul Airport to Atasehir we provide you a VIP luxury transfer. We welcome, help you for your luggage and transfer.

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About Istanbul Airport to Atasehir Best VIP Transfer with Luxury Cars

Where is Istanbul airport and Atasehir?

Istanbul new airport is north eastern side of Istanbul and European side. It closes the Black Sea. Atasehir is in Anatolian side of Istanbul and it is a town of Istanbul.

How much km Atasehir from Istanbul new airport?

The km is approximately 88 from Istanbul airport.

How can I go to Taksim from Istanbul Airport?

  • HAVAIST Airport Shuttle,
  • Taxi,
  • Private Shuttle,
  • Rent a car,
  • VIP Transfer or Rent a car with driver.

Which transfer options are very cheapest from Istanbul airport to Atasehir?

The Taxi or normal personal rent a car options very expensive. Because they should pay cost for a bridge or Avrasya. The HAVAIST can be a bit cheap. The the luxurious, fast, safe and comfortable transfer is rent a car with driver and airport VIP transfer.

Which VIP transfer companies can provide comfortable and cheap transfer service?

We provide you of course the best cheapest, comfortable and luxury VIP transfer in Istanbul.

What is the fastest way to get from Istanbul Airport (IST)?

You should await more time with HAVAIST from Istanbul airport. But you can transfer faster then with Taxi. But it is so expensive, although it is not comfortable. If you need a best option and want a comfortable, fast, safe transfer to Atasehir, you should use airport VIP transfer. It means rent a car with driver.

How far is it from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Atasehir?

88 Km.

Other FAQ

How do I travel from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Atasehir without a car?

You can use HAVAIST, Taxi or VIP airport transfer. Also you can rent a car from airport. There is no train or metro line from Istanbul new airport to Atasehir yer.

How long does it take to get from Istanbul Airport (IST)?

About 75 – 90 minutes. You should use 3. bridge. So, the time can be more.

Can I drive myself from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Atasehir?

Yes of course. You can use rent a car from Istanbul airport. But you have to make a booking before days. Generally, many rent a car company provide rent a car in Istanbul airport. You can take the vehicle, also give back in Atasehir. It is also possible. But check and learn from your rental office, whether there is an office in Atasehir or not.

The More Information About Atasehir

Atasehir is a popular and rich town of Istanbul. There are many parking area, naturel parks and luxury builds.

Transportation in Atasehir

Atasehir’s transportation is very developed. If you are in Atasehir, you can go anywhere of Istanbul so easy.

IETT: You can use IETT’s bus lines (3, 13AB, 14ŞB, 16M, 19E, 19M, 21B, 256, 8M, 10A, 10E ve 20E)

Metro Line: You can go with Metro.

Taxi: You can call a taxi and go anywhere so easy.

VIP Transfer: If you request fast, safe and luxury transfer, you can use VIP transfer. You can make a booking on Internet, Per Whatsapp or phone and use this service.

Rent a Car: You can rent a car from any rental office or use Moov. It means, you can rent a car from nearest location and use it. When you go to anywhere in Istanbul, leave the rent a car there and close the rental organization. This is so easy, but it is expensive. Also, you have yo have and use an application.
Rent a Car with Driver: It is so easy. Only make reservation minimum 2 or 3 hours ego. They will welcome and transfer you safely. When you read a news article on the Internet, the driver transfers you anywhere you want.

What Can We Do In Atasehir?

If you visit Istanbul, you should visit these places in Atasehir.

  • Nezahat Gokyigit Botanic Park,
  • Fenerbahce Ulker Arena,
  • Watergarden,
  • Mimar Sinan Mosque,
  • Cumhuriyet (Republic) Park,
  • Kayisdagi Forest etc.
Atasehir Visiting Area
Atasehir Visiting Area

Best VIP Transfer Process

Fill, book, pay and confirm…

  1. You should fill the booking form. You have to share with us your flight no, the pick up date from Istanbul airport, the names of all passengers etc.
  2. Click “Book Now” button. You can see the cost of the VIP transfer to Atasehir from Istanbul airport.
  3. You can pay the cost of the VIP transfer as cash or by credit cards. Also, it is possible to pay the cost of transfer on delivery time.
  4. After transfer booking, you will receive a mail from us. It means that we receive your transfer booking request. You should receive a confirmation mail from us. It means that, your transfer has been confirmed by us. We will wait you in Istanbul airport at the time when you selected.
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Istanbul Airport (IST) to Atasehir
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