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Istanbul Airport (IST) to Bagcilar


From Istanbul Airport to Bagcilar we provide you a VIP luxury transfer. We can transfer you to Bagcilar from Istanbul new airport.

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Bagcilar – Istanbul Airport VIP Luxury Transfer and Rent a Car with Driver

Where is Istanbul airport and Bagcilar?

The Istanbul new airport is in the European side of Istanbul and in Bagcilar town. It is north east of Istanbul. Bagcilar (Bağcılar) is a town of Istanbul, where is in the European side of Istanbul.

Some Universities: Altinbas University, Medipol University. 

Some Hospitals: Aksa medical Center (Aksa Tıp Merkezi), Hospitadent Bagcilar, Meltem Hospital etc.

How much km Bagcilar from Istanbul new airport?

The km is approximately 36 from Istanbul airport.

How can I go to Bagcilar from Istanbul Airport?

  • Taxi,
  • Rent a Car,
  • VIP Rent a Car with Driver,
  • VIP Airport Transfer etc.

Which transfer options are very cheapest from Istanbul airport?

You can use a taxi or Havaist. They can be cheap. But if you want to safe, fast, luxury and comfortable transfer, you must choose VIP airport transfer and Rent a car with driver.

Which VIP transfer companies can provide comfortable and cheap transfer service?

Many VIP Airport Transfer Companies provide cheap service from Istanbul Airport to Bagcilar like VIP Istanbul Tourism, VIP Istanbul Turizm, VIP Turkey Transfer, Adore and Istanbul Airport Transfer etc.

Other FAQ

What is the fastest way to get from Istanbul Airport (IST)?

The Public Bus, HAVAIST are not fast. Because they have a moving time. You have to wait them. You can think that the taxi is fast. But it is also not very fast. Because you cannot find a taxi immediately. We can prefer you VIP Transfer or Rent a Car. But note that, you have to make a reservation before flight to Istanbul Airport.

How far is it from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Bagcilar?

34 or 35.7 Km.

How do I travel from Istanbul Airport (IST) without a car?

You can use a Taxi or HAVAIST.

How long does it take to get from Istanbul Airport (IST)?

About 35 minutes.

Can I drive from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Bagcilar?

There are many rent a car office in the airport. You can make a booking before flight. When you arrive to the airport, you can use a rental car from those offices. Enterprise, Garenta, Green Motion, Sixrentacar etc. can provide you rent a car.

Bagcilar General Information

Bağcılar Meydan
Bağcılar Meydan

Bagcilar is a town of Istanbul. It is in European side.

The Rumen was living here in Ottoman ages. The Turkish people who came from Selanik and Greece start to live here in 1924.


 The transportation is so developed in Bagcilar. You can go anywhere from here by bustaximetrotramrent a car and VIP transfer shuttle services.

IETT Bus Line

  • 33B: Esenler – Eminonu
  • 33Y: Giyimkent – Eminonu
  • 55Y: Kagithane – Yenibosna Metro
  • 78H: Basaksehir – Eminonu

There are many bus line option in this town.

What Can We Do In Bagcilar?

We listed for you to do in this town. You can visit these places.

  • Walking and Shopping Way,
  • Martyrs park (Şehitler Parkı) and Dardanel (Canakkale) Museum,
  • Gunesli Park Shopping Center (Güneşi Park AVM),
  • Kasikcı Han Fountain etc.

Best VIP Transfer Process from airport to Bagcilar

Fill, book, pay and confirm…

  1. You should fill the booking form. You have to share with us your flight no, the pick up date from Istanbul airport, the names of all passengers etc.
  2. Click “Book Now” button. You can see the cost of the VIP transfer to Bagcilar from Istanbul airport.
  3. You can pay the cost of the VIP transfer as cash or by credit cards. Also, it is possible to pay the cost of transfer on delivery time.
  4. After transfer booking, you will receive a mail from us. It means that we receive your transfer booking request. You should receive a confirmation mail from us. It means that, your transfer has been confirmed by us. We will wait you in Istanbul airport at the time when you selected.

We provide you VIPluxury transfer and tour in Bagcilar. What you request as daily tour, we can provide you with our luxury, comfortable and modern vehicles like Mercedes-Bez Vito, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter

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