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Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) to Gungoren VIP Transfer


From Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Gungoren we provide you a rent a car with driver and best vip airport transfer. We can transfer you to Gungoren from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport.

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Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Gungoren VIP Airport Transfer

Once you arrive at the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable ride to Gungoren with Best VIP Transfer Company. There are several options available for your ride to Gungoren, and the prices for a private transfer will depend on the type of vehicle.

For tourists, Gungoren is a small, industrial and working class district just outside the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul. It is characterized by narrow alleyways and is home to several religious buildings and monuments. The old church of Gungoren dates back to 778. The monastery of Mor Gabriel is one of the main attractions of the village. It is the most popular place to visit in the area.

There are many interesting sights and landmarks in Gungoren. The most famous neighbourhood is Merter, which is a thriving center of trade. In the 1950s, Merter was a small village that was developed for the woodsman. Since they were not allowed to gather in one place, the area became a textile industry, including factories. Today, the neighborhood is home to numerous museums and other historical sites.

How can we go to Gungoren from Sabiha Gokcen airport?

The short way is on 15 July Democracy bridge with VIP airport transfer or public airport shuttle services like HAVAS or HAVAIST. Many people think that the public buses are cheapest and best way to transfer. It can be right in small cities. But here is Istanbul. Istanbul is the most popular and one of the big city of the world. So, public buses are not enough every time. Also the ways are long. You have to wait a long time. It is also not comfortable. You must get out of the public bus at the station. You have to use many buses to your hotel. So, you need only one transfer to your hotel in Gungoren from the airport. These are VIP Airport Transfer, Taxi or Rent a Car.

Taxi: It is not cheap. Gungoren is in European side and Sabiha Gokcen airport is located in Anatolian side. So, the taxi will request extra money for bridge and highway. The way is also long. Km will be more. It is not also comfortable like VIP Airport Transfer or Rent a Car.

Rent a Car: There are two rental options; Private Rent a Car and Rent a Car with Driver. If you want to use a private rent a car or with driver, you have to make a booking before your flight. You have to provide also a credit card for a private hire car. You must go to the rental office, wait the worker in office to ready the rental car for you. Then you will use a map – GPS to go to Gungoren. And then you can live a parking problem. Because the parking problem is famous in Istanbul.

Rent a Car with Driver: When you arrive at the airport the driver will welcome you at the airport. He/she can help you for your luggage. Then your voyage will be safe, luxurious, comfortable and fast. This vehicle is special for you. The car also will be modern and luxurious like Mercedes-Benz Vito. You can make a booking top of the page with us and start your hire car with driver.

VIP Airport Transfer: It is same Rent a Car with Driver. This option is luxury and comfortable transfer.

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