Pay attention to these points before choosing VIP Transfer

Pay attention to these points before choosing VIP Transfer

Pay attention to these points: Booking, Cancellation, Vehicle types, Extra Costs, Extra Services, Language, Guide, Foods, Airports more and more etc…

In this article we would like to share some special details about airport VIP transfer in Turkey or another countries. Many people search in Google or any search engine like Bing, Yandex, Baidu or Rastgelelik and click first page or first website on ads. And make a booking. But they do not research more important details for VIP transfer. You can learn and check extra more details in this article.

Pets and VIP Transfers

If you have a pet, you have to inform the transfer agency and ask them weather they accept or not. You need to specify the type and size of your pet in the “Your Note” box on the reservation form. Necessary information will be provided when confirming your reservation.

Baby & Child Seat and Airport Transfer – Pay Attention!

Some airport transfer and tour agency can provide extra seat for childreen and babies. But not all of them. Because of this you must ask it and to be sure that they have. Before VIP Airport transfer service you should ask and request that they organize baby & child seat.

Extra Luggage and Assistance in Airports or Train Stations

If you have more luggage or big luggage, you have to inform about them VIP Transfer agency. Because some airport vip transfer agencies do not accept extra luggage or big luggage. So, pay attention to these points before choosing VIP Transfer.

Invoice or Other Documents

Some people visit another cities for business and they use VIP Transfer for this. So, they need an Invoice. That is good and normal but dont forget that many VIP transfer agency do not provide an invoice. Some people has a vito and provide you VIP Transfer. So, they cannot provide you invoice. So, ask and request your invoice everytime before and after your VIP Transfer.

Cancallation is Your Right. Pay Attention!

Every agency has to be provided cancallation right for you. But some agency does not let you use this right. So, they didnot refund. So, you have to ask and read their cancallation policy on their website. If there is no policy on website, DON’T MAKE A BOOKING on that agency. Take a photos of them also before booking. Because you can have to cancel your booking before transfer. So, you muse save your cancallation right.

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