Ordu-Giresun Airport

oşköy mahallesi, Ordu caddesi No:28/52, 52010 Gülyalı/Ordu
(0452 226 28 52)
Ordu-Giresun Airport

Ordu-Gireun Airport is located in Gülyalı town in Ordu and also in Piraziz town of Giresun. It is between of Ordu and Giresun. This airport started to provide flight service on 22 May 2015. Ordu-Giresun Airport is the first airport, which is built on the sea in Turkey and Europe. Every year 3 million voyager use Ordu-Giresun Airport.

Statue: civil airport – IATA: OGU – ICAO Code: LTCB

To Where are There Flight from Ordu-Giresun Airport?

You find a flight to many cities from this airport. We listed them for you.

  • Ankara – Ordu
  • İzmir – Ordu
  • Gaziantep – Ordu 
  • Adana – Ordu
  • Bodrum – Ordu
  • Antalya – Ordu
  • Trabzon – Ordu etc.

The Some Comments About the Airport

  1. Great modern airport. Kudos to Turkish government for such brilliant airports all around Turkey. Civil Aviation rises high in Turkey. ,
  2. The 2nd airport built completely on sea in the world, the 1st in Europe. Great modern terminal, very convenient distanced to both Ordu and Giresun cities, serving both.
  3. 5 stars for Staff servicing the international gate. The main attendant was very helpful and made sure you had everything in order. Very different than the Turkish Airlines staff at the Istanbul Airport. The staff here are exemplar and should you have any issues they are very attentive. The airport is new however it’s already falling apart.1
  4. Very happy to know that this airport is opened. It is only 20-30 mins of drive to Ordu city. It really does save people a lot of time to get there compared to the past when the closest airport was in Trabzon! Modern and clean airport. Relatively small but sufficient. Shops and restaurants are located at the airport departure lobby. There aren’t any in the restricted area after passing the security check, but only a few vending machines. Advice to buy some food and drinks before security.2

Address and Contact Information of Ordu-Giresun Airport

Location of Giresun-Ordu Airport:  Hoşköy mahallesi, Ordu caddesi No:28/52, 52010 Gülyalı/Ordu
Phone of the airport: (0452) 226 28 52


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