Kiev – Istanbul VIP Airport Transfer

Kiev - Istanbul VIP Airport Transfer

Kiev – Istanbul distance is 1057 KM with the planet. Many people who live in Kiev-Ukrainian need a VIP Transfer in Istanbul. But they want to organize it from Kiev. They need some details. We will try to inform you about this VIP transfer details in this article.

What do the people in Kiev need for VIP Airport Transfer?

  1. A perfect booking system: They want to use a booking system online. When they are Kiev, they can make a booking and pay the cost of the transfer.
  2. Accessibility: When they request, they can call the VIP transfer company with phone number or WhatsApp.
  3. Russian Language: They want to also a driver who can speak Russian. The worker or assistance should speak also Russian.
  4. Professional Driver: They request also an expert driver who can drive the vehicle very well and knows Istanbul very well.
  5. Luxury and Safe Vehicles: The Ukrainian people who live or will come to Istanbul from Kiev want to transfer with the luxury modern vehicle. The vehicles should really luxuriate, safely and clearly. Because of this they choose Mercedes-Benz Vito, Sprinter and Maserati etc.

We made some Interviews with our guest who came from Kiev. Also, We asked some questions. We want to share with you.

An Interview with Mr. Dimitri P. from Kiev.

Mr. Dimitri P.

Russian: Я нашел в Интернете компанию “Лучший VIP-трансфер“. Я искал его в Яндексе. Они предоставляют нам услуги на русском языке. Я не делал заказ. Во-первых, я отправляю сообщение в WhatsApp. Я задал несколько вопросов. Они ответили мне так быстро. Затем я запросил трансфер из аэропорта. Они организовали и встретили меня в аэропорту в то время. Автомобиль был действительно роскошным и современным. Марка была “Мазерати”. Я знал, чего это стоило. Время прибытия моего рейса было 16.45. Я буду там в это время. Но моя планета прибыла туда поздно. Я был в аэропорту в 17.45. Компания по VIP-трансферу долго ждала. Они не требовали никаких затрат за это время ожидания.
English: I found “Best VIP Transfer” company on Internet. I searched it on Yandex. They provide us Russian language service. I did not make a booking. Firstly, I send a message per Whatsapp. I asked some questions. They answered me so quickly. Then I requested an airport transfer. They organized and welcome me at the airport on the time. The vehicle was really luxury and modern. The brand was Maserati. I knew the cost. My flight’s ETA was 16.45. I will be there at this time. But my planet arrived there late. I was at the airport on 17.45. The VIP transfer company has been await. They did not request any cost for this waiting time.
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