Inkaya Historical Sycamore Tree (Bursa Inkaya Tree)

Inkaya Historical Sycamore Tree

Inkaya Historical Sycamore Tree is in Bursa. The address is “Inkaya, Uludag street. Number:163, 16370 Osmangazi/Bursa“.

This tree is the biggest historical tree of Turkey. Many tourist visit this tree and location in Bursa.

When we say a historical tree, we remember Ottoman Empire and also Bursa. Bursa is really an Ottoman city. There are many natural area. Inkaya is one of the best tourism town and areas in Bursa. Bursa has many historical trees. Total: 880 trees.

Bursa Cinar Tree
Bursa Cinar Tree

What is the Story of Inkaya Historical Sycamore Tree?

This tree is 750 years old. It lives still. Somuncu Baba prayed near this tree. Then he went out this city. The Turkish People call this tree “Ulu Çinar“. It means “Great Sycamore“. This tree has 13 branches. Its diameter is also 3 meters, its height is 37 meters, its trunk circumference is 10 meters, its shadow is 1.5 acres, and its age is 615.1

Bursa Tarihi Cinar Agaci
Inkaya Tree

How Can We Go to Inkaya and Visit Inkaya Tree?

If you want to go to Bursa and also visit this tree from Sabiha Gokcen airport, you can use Bursa public buses.

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