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VIP Rent A Car

Hire car means “Rent a Car” in English. Many people use “Rent a Car” word in their language. Firstly, let’s learn some names of Hire Car in other languages.

  • English: Hire Car, Rent a Car.
  • German: Autovermietungen
  • Turkish: Araç Kirlama, İkame Araç, Yedek Araç, Kiralık Araç etc.
  • Esperanto: Lui aŭton
  • Al Bakiyye: Caldavaslam
  • Russish: Аренда автомобилей (Arenda avtomobiley)
  • Spanish: Alquilar un coche

Hire Car Types

We can say that, there are two hire car types.

  1. Private Rent a Car: The customer can drive.
  2. Rent a Car with Driver: a Driver drive the car for customer.

Luxury and Professional Hire Car with Driver Service

Rent A Car 1
Luxury – Modern Airport Transfer

Let’s talk about luxury and professional rental car with driver. We will decide it by the answer to this question: “What should a hire car and driver service be?“.

  • The drivers should know foreign languages like English, Turkish or Arabic etc.
  • The vehicles should be modern, new and luxurious.
  • The company should have a modern, perfect website. This web site should provide to clients an easy booking system.
  • The customers should can be pay the cost of the service per credit card, cash or money transfer.
  • What the clients need, the company should provide for them like a baby seat, Wi-Fi etc.

What is the importance of this transfer service?

  • This service is faster than other transfer options like public bus or shuttle services.
  • It is luxury and safely.
  • The driver welcomes us and help us in our luggage at the airports.
  • During our travel, we can use the Internet, computer and work in the luxury vehicles.
  • We can eat and drink in the vehicles.
  • We can ask many things about the city, tour, transfer to the drivers.
Transfer 1
VIP Turkey Transfer and Mercedes-Bens Vito

I want to share and decide this issue with an example.

What should you use hire car with driver?

You will flight to somewhere by planet. You have no idea about that city and airport. After you exit from the airport, you need fast, safe and cheap transfer to your hotel or anywhere you will go. So, you have to use a transportation line. The best transfer option is VIP hire car with driver. Because the driver will welcome you at the airport. He/she will help you for your luggage and more check in, check out etc. With this service, you can have a guide, luxury vehicle, rent a car service, fast and safely transfer etc. So, why don’t you choose this transfer method?

Chauffeur Driven Executive Van and Process of Rental Transfer

You have to make a booking before your flight or transfer. The company will prepare a modern vehicle for you. After booking, the company will contact with you with the phone, per WhatsApp or mail. You can pay the transfer cost before you transfer or after. Both of them are possible.

What Kind of Vehicles Are There?

Img 20211209 Wa0060 1
The Luxury Car of Best VIP Transfer

Generally Mercedes Vito is choose. Many VIP transfer companies can provide a service with Merdeces-Benz Vito and Sprinter. But only some professionals, quality companies can provide other alternatives like Maserati, Ford Custom, Volkswagen Caravella etc. Please view all of our vehicles. (We have many options).

Limo Service and Hire Car

A limousine is a transfer type which preferred by luxury-loving people. But today, many people started to use luxury transfer. Because this has become a necessity.

Istanbul and Hire Car With Driver

There are many VIP airport transfer and hire car companies in Istanbul. If you visit Istanbul, you should select a VIP transfer as first option. It is cheaper and faster then others. You can find a perfect option from Istanbul airport or Sabiha Gokcen airport.

Best VIP Transfer and Our Hire Car Service

We will not say to you; “You should choose us“. Because we know that you will choose us when you read this article and ask to other our guest. Many our guests says it.

Let’s decide it in 10 items.

  1. We provide you not only rental car with driver, but also airport VIP transfer, daily tours, luxury transfer from/to anywhere in Istanbul and Antalya.
  2. Our drivers can speak English, Turkish and Arabic. We have also professional drivers who can speak Russian, Spanish, German and French.
  3. We have many modern cars. The some cars are: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Vito, C-Class, S-Class, E-Class, Volkswagen Crafter, Caravelle, Ford Custom, Maserati etc. All List
  4. Our many services like welcome, Wi-Fi, water, tea, luggage helping etc are free. We don’t request more payment.
  5. We have daily, hourly, weekly, monthly rental alternative type.

What do you think of booking? Do you need a transfer / hire car with driver from Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport or Antalya Airport?

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