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Two Way Transfer

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Two Way Transfer

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Two ways transfer means the transportation is round trip. The vehicle takes the voyagers and bring them to the back. This term is used in VIP transfer services. If we chose two ways VIP transfer, it means the driver will pick up the voyager from the pick up location or anywhere the client requested and transfer the voyagers to the destination location like home, hotel or others.

What does Mean “Two Way Transfer” in Other Languages?

German (Deutsch)


Turkish (Türkçe)

İki yönlü transfer

Arabic (عربى)

نقل اتجاهين



Russian (русский)

Двухсторонний перевод

Al Bakiyye (ᒍ Ḷ⟓৬)

Diguforan Nir


Də ruta espo

For Example

My girlfriend wants to visit Istanbul. We found a VIP transfer which can provide us two way transfer. They will take us from Istanbul airport and transfer us to our hotel. After 3 days, they will take us from our hotel and transfer to the airport back. They call this service as two way transfer.

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