Antalya Private Tour

Antalya Private Tour

The highly in-demand Antalya Private Tours attracts the attention of guests who want to go on summer vacations and cultural tours together. Get in touch with nature on this tour, discover Antalya, stay in a popular Antalya hotel and sail the blue skies on a boat he tour. A cultural and natural route, Antalya offers the opportunity to enjoy holidays, annual holidays and weekends. Spend an unforgettable vacation in Antalya, discover the unique beauty of Turkish culture and admire its nature. Summer months in Antalya are longer than in other holiday regions, so the season here begins in spring. Antalya, where you can swim from the spring, has become the center of attention for tourists from Turkey and abroad. With various tour programs, luxury hotels and holiday villages, Antalya offers the perfect holiday option for everyone.

Experiencing two seasons at once, Antalya awaits guests with an eye-opening display of natural beauty and history. During the long summer months, you can swim in the sea or climb the Taurus Mountains to play in the snow. Many historical and natural beauties can be seen thanks to Antalya Private Tours. There are many luxury hotels in the area, up to 7 stars. Choosing a holiday village allows you to spend a cheap vacation and have unlimited use of hotel facilities.

Attractions in Antalya

Antalya is the one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. Long beaches, warm seas and entertainment that lasts until the morning await vacation lovers. You can also join one of Antalya’s many cultural tours where you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun. Holiday villages suitable for large families are located in districts such as Belek and Alanya. A feast for the eyes of nature lovers, Antalya has many waterfalls, canyons and lakes. Oimapinal Lake impresses with its exquisite nature. Manavgat, Kursunlu and Duden waterfalls are recommended for those who are overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city. Antalya, the canyon paradise of our country, is home to the Gokbyukku, Köprül and Goynuk canyons. He found many endangered wildlife species in the Gyokubuku Strait. Endemic plants can also be seen in the Gökbukuk Valley. The famous Koprulu River flows through the Koprulu Valley and attracts tourists from all over the world.

As you know, Turkey has many ancient cities. Alicanda in Antalya, Rhodiapolis, the ancient theater of Side, the ancient cities of Serge and Termessos await guests. Alanya Castle, Yivli Minaret Complex, Elmari Museum, Lycian Way and Antalya Museum are the must-sees of the region and its historical beauty is not limited to the ancient city.

Accommodation in Antalya

Apart from the holiday villages in the region, there are many areas with hotel accommodation in the center of Antalya that are easily accessible. No tour of Antalya is complete without a visit to Kaleici. Kaleici awaits you in the Muratpaşa district, with its narrow streets and houses lined with history. Those who want to immerse themselves in a historical atmosphere prefer hotels in Antalya Kaleici. Antalya Muratpaşa hotels, on the other hand, offer Kaleici views and tranquility at the same time.

Vacation lovers who say “I don’t want to trade a beach, beach and sunbathing holiday for anything” can choose between hotels in Alanya, hotels in Side and hotels in Belek. Those who prefer these areas can enjoy both the historical beauty and the relaxing effect of the sea.There are many holiday villages in the area. Vacation lovers who want to achieve everything without getting bored can take advantage of the hotel’s quality services. Kas, the center of Antalya, has become a popular area where many vacationers return again and again. People who love peace and quiet usually prefer California. There are also plenty of day trip options in the area. Kas is popular with divers and scuba divers and has many dive schools and boats.

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